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Come and see the beauty of Ghana!

Tour: Prampram Old Town and Local Areas

The historic village of Prampram is an important town, a capital of the Ga-Dangbe ethnic group of Ghana. We visit the vibrant old town of Prampram, including the ancient and still active fishing port, the local craftsmen constructing traditional ocean-going fishing canoes, the local fish market, Fort Vernon, the first Danish encampment in Accra, the first police station in Ghana established by the Danes, etc. Jerry’s Ancestral Wall is also a must go for everyone who is interested in African diaspora history. The Ancestral wall displays more then 90 portraits of Pan-African historical figures. New and Old Ningo can also be included in the tour, based on time and interest, to see more about the natural area and its coastal villages with their beautiful colored boats.

Minimum Rate : $50 ($20 per person for  more than two people)

Tour: Trip to Shai Hills Nature Park

Shai Hills Nature Park is a expansive national park showing the native flora and fauna of the coastal savanna area of the Accra plains. With its amazing views from the top of the hills in the park and it’s wildlife reserve, Shai Hills is one of the few places in Ghana where you can see African animals like Antelope, Baboons, Green Monkeys, Zebras and Ostriches in their natural habitat.

Minimum Rate : $80 plus gate fee ($40 per person for  more than two people)

Fuel surcharge

Tour: Accra City Highlights

Visit Accra on a sight seeing tour and experience the beauty, history and culture in a trip through the central parts of the city. Tour may be customized based on interest. Popular stops include the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Arts Centre, Independence Square, WEB Dubois House & Library and much more.

Minimum Rate : $100 ($50 per person for  more than two people)

Fuel surcharge

Accra Airport City

Tour: Cape Coast and/or Elmina Castle

We offer customized trips to the historic slave castles in Cape Coast or Elmina.

Minimum Rate : $200 plus Entrance fees ($100 per person for  more than two people)

Please in case you like to customize your trip kindly discuss with manager.
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Other Offerings

Cultural and sightseeing trips to major cities like Cape Coast, Takoradi and Kumasi may be arranged. We also offer special adventure trips to see natural attractions such as Kakum Nature Reserve, Mole National Park, the amazing waterfalls, etc. Some trips require multiple days outside Accra.

Rate: see the manager.