Johnny and his crew run a great bed and breakfast type of place. My room was large and well appointed, with an ocean view. Bathrooms are modern and immaculate. The air conditioning in the rooms is excellent. The other guests range from wealthy Ghanians out to have a weekend getaway to foreign tourists. The beachfront bar and restaurant has the freshest fish, crispy fries and iced cold beers. Johnny has assembled a staff that is friendly and warm, with a cook who is top notch and sweet!!

There is a nice breeze (at least there is in September) that kept away mosquitos. Didn’t get one bite. Loved reading on the upstairs veranda, which is shaded and overlooks the ocean. Sitting in that warm breeze with an ocean view and a soft hanging seat was killer. Very quiet location, other than the waves crashing! WiFi was perfect–the staff hand each guest a mobile hotspot with a password. The property is ocean front.

This is a great place to chill overlooking the beach. The staff is super friendly, fun, and helpful. Coconut Pointe feels like it belongs in Koh Samui or Tulum, except for the fact that you will probably meet locals, especially if you come on a weekend. The beach is not far from a river mouth, so I’d prefer to look at the ocean as opposed to swim in it.

An amazing activity was exploring the fishing lagoon a few miles away on a Saturday late afternoon. Head there 90 minutes before Sunset. Johnny got us a driver with 15 minutes notice. The fishermen pull in on boats that look like they were designed hundreds of years ago. The fisherman offload and sell their fish to hundreds of locals right there on the sand. Probably the most amazing experience I had in Ghana. One thing–if you do this, see if Johnny can arrange for a second person besides the driver to walk you around because parking is tight so the driver might have to stay in the car. Bring a good camera, because phones won’t do this justice.